Furniture woven from materials such as willow, reed, and rattan. 

This style is named after the 17th Century English King and Queen. This style came to America in the early 1700’s. Common pieces of this style included high-backed upholstered armchairs, highboys, lowboys, etc. The elements of this design include features such as curved lines, marquetry, bun or ball feet, inlay and oriental lacquer-work.

A style of decor inspired by the early colonial settlement of Williamsburg, Virginia.

A style of wooden chair originating in the early 1700’s, which is still very popular today that features a spindle back shaped in fans, hoops or combs. This style was named for Windsor Castle but gained true popularity in America. Woods used included birch, pine, hickory, ash, maple and oak. 

Traditionally a horseshoe shaped serving table for serving wine and hor d’oeuvres.

An application of wood molding up to the middle or lower half of a wall.