Find Interior Design School Scholarships in 2023

For aspiring interior designers in need of financial aid, school scholarships can be a real lifesaver. Here we will provide information on the available options for design students looking to get help with their studies and also offer tips on how best to secure these funding opportunities. Get ready now for an educational journey that is supported financially!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a range of interior design scholarships available in 2023, including ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarships, IIDA Student Design Competition and Gensler Scholarships.
  • Utilize resources such as portfolio building, networking and research to increase chances of securing funding.
  • Consider federal student aid or college financial assistance for additional support.
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Top Interior Design Scholarships for 2023

College students majoring in interior design, from graduate level to high school seniors, have several scholarship options available that can help them demonstrate financial responsibility and pursue their education goals. For example ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarships and IIDA Student Design Competition provide support for those seeking a degree in the field. IFDA Educational Foundation offers scholarships too as well as Gensler Scholarship Programme which are tailored specifically towards undergraduate or postgraduate degrees related to Interior Design.

Through these resources college students can access Funding with minimal stress so they may focus on honing their talents instead of worrying about affordability concerns.

ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarships

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Foundation is offering Legacy Scholarships to junior or senior undergraduate students and graduate students who are enrolled in a program related to interior design. The application deadline for the scholarship, which awards $4,000 to successful recipients, is April 19th 2023. Entries will be carefully assessed by ASID members with factors such as academic record, presentation skills and conceptual creativity taken into consideration when making their decision.

To apply applicants must provide a portfolio that demonstrates creative talent along with other documents including a personal statement outlining why they should receive this prestigious award. Students hoping for success have an opportunity increase their chances of earning these scholarships through submitting work that reflects the very best of their abilities.

IIDA Student Design Competition

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) presents a Student Design Competition that recognizes exceptional designs in interior design and related disciplines, such as landscape architecture. All current university or institute students of interiors-related studies – including accepted high school seniors, are eligible to apply for the competition which is set to conclude on February 20th 2024.

The prize package offered includes funds up to $5,000 USD plus accompanying benefits like complimentary IIDA membership and travel costs coverage for attending events alongside recognition from industry professionals. Thus making it not only a monetary incentive but an overall valuable experience for students involved with this interior design group event.

IFDA Educational Foundation Scholarships

The International Furnishings and Design Association Educational Foundation, also known as the Design Association Educational Foundation, offers students financial assistance to pursue interior design and related fields. One of their scholarships is the David Barrett Memorial Scholarship which awards those with exemplary traditional materials skills in designing styles. Another scholarship opportunity presented by IFDA is Ruth Clark’s Furniture Design. It provides support for post-secondary coursework majors within furniture or textiles branches specifically.

The last program provided through this foundation entails a Barbara Beckmann Textile Scholarship that rewards up to $3,000 depending on meeting certain criteria—four designer classes at an educational level must be completed along with majoring in textile technology or similar paths before applying (March 31st being the deadline). Applying for these grants can give one’s education aspirations a boost when dealing with fees associated towards success in furnishings and design studies!

Gensler Scholarships

Gensler provides financial aid and internship opportunities for aspiring architects and interior designers through scholarships. The Gensler Diversity Scholarship is one such option, dedicated to promoting inclusion in the design sector. There are other scholarship programs related to Gensler like Laverne Neil Memorial Scholarship and GCFM Horticulture Scholarship that can be applied for which grant students monetary assistance as well as hands-on experience useful for their future career paths. Applying these offered scholarships gives individuals an opportunity both financially support themselves during their studies while developing pertinent skillsets needed in this field of work.

State-specific Interior Design Scholarships

Students majoring in interior design should look into state-specific scholarships as a way of augmenting national scholarship opportunities. As an example, California and New York both have exclusive grants designed to aid interior design majors with their educational costs. By researching what is available on the local level, these students can significantly increase their likelihood of procuring financial assistance for school.

California-based Scholarships

California offers a variety of scholarships for interior design students. The Association for Women in Architecture Foundation Scholarship specifically targets female undergraduate learners, providing $2,500 with an application deadline on March 19th 2021. To be eligible the student must either reside or study in California and complete at least 18 units related to their major.

Additional scholarship programs available are Inspired by Design: PAVE Student Visionary Award, SmithGroup Equity Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships, ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarship as well as IA Interior Architects Diversity in Design Awards & Joel Polsky Prize’s legacy funding opportunity aimed exclusively at undergraduates studying this discipline area, all information can be found on relevant websites regarding these awards including Jim Boyce Memorial Scholarships too!

New York-based Scholarships

The New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) offers many scholarship opportunities for those pursuing interior design in the state, such as the Alumni Scholarship and Trustee Scholarship. Each one has specific criteria that must be met. Most require a minimum 3.0 GPA along with adherence to NYSID’s Student Code of Conduct.

Students interested in taking advantage of these special memorial scholarships can explore offerings like Carl A Schwarz Jr., Charlotte Moss, Nate Berkus Jack Cogill Burgess Diversity Scholarships, Harold Gisele Jaffe Inez Croom Memorial Larry Kravet President’s Merit Diane Tramontano Chairman’s Merit JT Collins Beatrice Gneses Utta Kravet Memorial Scholarship programs at this prestigious New York school.

These valuable awards are perfect for students looking for financial assistance tailored specifically to their chosen field – offering academic funding while ensuring eligibility guidelines have been honored by each participant applying from The Empire State!

Tips for Securing Interior Design Scholarships

For an improved chance of obtaining interior design scholarships, pupils should concentrate on developing a compelling portfolio, making connections with experts in the field and being organized when it comes to research and deadlines. By adhering to these tips students can effectively demonstrate their value for consideration by scholarship committees increasing their odds of receiving financial aid.

Building a Strong Portfolio

A powerful portfolio is imperative for presenting your best works and displaying your individual design style. To assemble a remarkable interior design portfolio, these steps should be taken:

  1. Collect the most noteworthy art pieces that you have created.
  2. Capture quality pictures of your artwork to display in the final version of the portfolio. Digital or physical format can both work as great options here!
  3. Ensure there are various images present which demonstrate not only abilities but also imagination related to designing techniques used by yourself (or team).

Demonstrating how ideas became visual products will aid in conveying creative thinking skills and problem-solving prowess when it comes to showcasing what goes on behind scenes with making designs happen! Some advice for organizing this kind of presentation would include:

  • Adding sketches or mood boards indicating each step made through designer’s process
  • Arranging everything into an aesthetically pleasing & straightforward layout
  • Incorporate software applications/programmes tailored towards creating professional portfolios
  • Obtaining feedback from mentors/ professionals within field helps ensure data being showcased is up-to date , accurate while still being impactful. Taking notice at these tips could end up helping put together successful resume increasing chances of earning potential scholarships available out there!

Networking and Professional Organizations

Students of interior design can benefit greatly from connecting with industry leaders and professionals. Joining organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the Interior Design Society (IDS) or even International Interior Design Association (IIDA) provides a useful platform for finding out about scholarship possibilities, networking opportunities, internships and job prospects related to their educational needs in this field. Attending events hosted by these associations offer an ideal environment where students may make connections that support their career aspirations within the realm of interior design.

Research and Deadlines

Having a well-structured strategy is paramount for making sure you have the best opportunity to get scholarships. To keep things manageable and efficient, create a checklist of application necessities as well as utilizing an organized spreadsheet detailing deadlines and criteria while also having individual folders per scholarship or college that you are applying to.

Setting up a calendar will aid in keeping track of critical days plus focusing on specific prerequisites associated with every single scholarship program can help guarantee all applications are submitted correctly on time which increases your prospects when it comes down to attaining funding for interior design education purposes.

Financial Aid Options for Interior Design Students

Interior design students should consider other forms of financial assistance beyond scholarships, such as federal student aid and college-based programs. These options can be beneficial for those looking to pursue a career in interior design by aiding them through their education process.

Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid is an offering from the U.S. Department of Education which provides grants, loans and work-study programs for those who meet specific requirements. A major requirement being demonstrating financial need. Interior design students can benefit greatly from applying to Federal Student Aid as this will provide much needed additional funding towards their educational expenses. In order to apply for these funds, you must fill out the Free Application For Federal Student aid (FAFSA) form in order to be assessed your eligibility based on criteria such as citizenship status or enrolling into an eligible degree program with maintaining satisfactory academic progress also taken into consideration when assessing applications.

College-based Financial Aid

Securing financial help for interior design and civil engineering students is made possible through college-based funds that may include grants, scholarships or loans. To increase the chance of receiving this aid to cover tuition expenses and more, there are three steps: filing a FAFSA form, researching institutional scholarship offerings specifically designed for international learners, applying for any applicable ones uncovered during research.

Such efforts benefit all aspiring designers by increasing their opportunity to acquire much needed assistance with paying fees related to pursuing higher education in those fields.


Interior design students should take advantage of the many available scholarship and financial aid options to help ease the cost of their educational journey. From IIDA Student Design Competition, ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarships, Gensler scholarships and IFDA Educational foundation funds as well as college-specific or state grants – these possibilities can lead to huge savings on tuition fees. Building a portfolio that stands out along with good networking skills is essential for success in this field so one must ensure they have all necessary resources at hand. Start preparing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to study in college if you want to be an interior designer?

To become a licensed interior designer, you will need at least an associate’s degree and experience to pass the NCIDQ exam. You can study interior design fundamentals, such as construction, design theory and history, communication, and business, in an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree program.

Additionally, consider degrees in fine arts, drafting and design tech, interior architecture, or theater design for the right foundation for your career.

What is the scholarship for interior design in NY?

The Legacy Scholarship is designed to reward undergraduate junior or senior students studying an interior design program of three years in length, encouraging Pursuit within the field.

How to get a scholarship New York School of interior design?

Students who wish to acquire a scholarship from the New York School of Interior Design must have a minimum GPA score of 3.0 and observe their Student Code of Conduct. Full-time enrolment (12+ credits) is required, unless otherwise stipulated by the school. All design students applying for this scholarship at The York School should be aware that they will need to adhere these criteria in order to qualify successfully.

What is the ASID legacy scholarship for undergraduate students?

The ASID Legacy Scholarship for Undergraduate Students recognizes academic accomplishment and creative achievement, open to junior or senior year students in a three-year accredited interior design program.

What types of scholarships are available for interior design students?

Interior design students have the opportunity to pursue educational support with scholarships from national organizations such as ASID Foundation, IIDA Student Design Competition, IFDA Educational Foundation and Gensler To those provided by state institutions or universities.