What are Arts & Crafts in Interior Design?

The Arts and Crafts style, also commonly known as the Mission style, was popular in the late 1800s through the 1920s. The Arts and Crafts movement was a reaction against the mass-produced and ornate Victorian furniture of that time.

Arts & Crafts furniture is characterized by its simplicity and functionality. It is often made of wood, with straight lines and little or no ornamentation. This style emphasizes natural materials and craftsmanship over excessive decoration.

Today, the Arts & Crafts style is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Many people are drawn to its clean lines and uncluttered look. If you’re considering incorporating this style into your home, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Stick to a neutral color palette. The Arts & Crafts style is known for its use of natural colors, like earth tones and muted jewel tones. When choosing paint colors, fabrics, and accessories for your home, stick to a subdued color palette.
  2. Incorporate natural materials. As mentioned above, the Arts & Crafts style emphasizes the use of natural materials. When decorating your home in this style, look for furniture and accessories made of wood, wicker, or stone.
  3. Choose simple, geometric patterns. If you want to add a bit of pattern to your space, stick to simple, geometric designs. Arts & Crafts homes typically feature textiles with patterns like stripes, plaids, and diamonds.
  4. Opt for functional decor. One of the hallmarks of the Arts & Crafts style is functionality. When selecting pieces for your home, choose items that serve a purpose. For example, a coffee table with built-in shelves for books or a buffet with plenty of storage space.
  5. Focus on craftsmanship. Another key element of the Arts & Crafts style is craftsmanship. When shopping for furniture and accessories, look for items that are well-made and show attention to detail. This can be anything from hand-carved wood furniture to handmade pottery.

What is an example of Arts and Crafts?

Some examples of Arts and Crafts style homes are:

  • the Gamble House in Pasadena,
  • California and the Robie House in Chicago,
  • Illinois.

Other well-known architects associated with this style include Frank Lloyd Wright and Gustav Stickley.

What are the 3 characteristics of Arts and Crafts design?

The three main characteristics of Arts and Crafts design are:

  • functionality,
  • natural materials,
  • and simple, geometric patterns.

Interior design crafts

Man style, also called Arts and Crafts, is known for its simple lines and lack of ornamentation. This design style emphasizes function over form and favors natural materials such as wood and stone. Geometric patterns are often used in craftsman-style homes, as well as earth tones and muted jewel tones. Furniture in this style is typically handmade, with a focus on quality craftsmanship.

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