What is a Flange in Interior Design?

The flange is an important element of interior design and can be used to create a variety of looks. It is an erect, projecting flattened ridge that gives structure to elements such as furniture, walls, and windows. Often referred to as the “eyebrow” in interior design, flange adds interest and detail to a space by creating a strong, horizontal line.

What is a Flange used for?

Flange can also be used to make a space look nicer by sewing it into seams or wrapping it around the edges of furniture. It has the ability to transform any space from boring to amazing and give it a modern feel. By using flange in design, you can make your interior décor look much more sophisticated.

If you use flange in your design plan, you can add a special element to make your space look different. You can use it for furniture or to trim fabric, and it comes in lots of colors. Flange can also help support walls and other surfaces. So if you want a modern and stylish look that will last, flange is a good choice.

The flange is an essential element of interior design that can be used to create stunning visuals, provide structure, and add interest to any space. With its versatile nature and ability to transform any space, it should be a consideration for any design plan.

What is flange architecture?

Flange architecture is the use of flange in the design and construction of buildings. In this context, flange means erect, projecting flattened ridges such as the top and bottom horizontal projections of an I beam. This type of structure adds strength to a building while also providing an aesthetic appeal. Flange architecture can be used to create eye-catching modern designs, as well as provide a necessary structural element for construction. It can be used for both residential and commercial projects, making it a versatile choice for different types of buildings.

What is a flange section?

A flange section is a small part of an architectural structure that has been cut off for the purpose of attaching two different pieces together. This type of section usually consists of two metal sheets that are joined to each other at right angles, creating a “flanged” edge. The sections can be used in various types of construction and design, including:

  • walls,
  • roofs,
  • windows and doors.

Flange sections are often used in combination with other elements to create an eye-catching design that adds both strength and beauty to a structure.

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