What is Chippendale in Interior Design?

Chippendale is an English Rococo style of furniture design popularized in the mid-18th century. The classic Chippendale style features ornate carvings, intricate patterns, and classic cabriole legs. This highly decorative style was very popular among wealthy British families looking to add a bit of opulence and grandeur to their homes.

The classic look of Chippendale furniture

Chippendale furniture is based on the Baroque period but has its own unique look. One important feature of Chippendale furniture is cabriole legs. These legs curve outwards from the knee to the ankle and then have an ornamental foot at the end. Additionally, highboys with broken pediment tops were popular during this time, as well as other pieces that had a more rectangular shape and were heavier than Queen Anne furniture. Chippendale furniture often uses exotic woods and ornamentation such as brass hardware to give it its unique aesthetic.

Chippendale today

Today, the style is highly sought after by interior designers looking to add a touch of classical elegance to any room. Chippendale furniture can be found in a variety of settings, from traditional and period-style homes to modern and contemporary abodes. Its versatility makes it a timeless classic that will remain popular for generations to come.

This type of furniture is not only beautiful but also very strong. This is because the furniture is made with high-quality woodworking techniques, like dovetail joinery. Chippendale furniture is also a great way to add drama and luxury to any room. With its ornate carvings and intricate patterns, this type of furniture will impress guests and make your space feel more sophisticated.

What defines Chippendale’s style?

Chippendale-style furniture is instantly recognizable by its ornamental details and cabriole legs. This highly decorative furniture typically features a variety of geometric shapes, such as ovals, diamonds, and octagons. Additionally, Chippendale pieces often incorporate intricate carvings on the legs and arms that give the furniture an added touch of sophistication.

How can you identify a Chippendale?

Chippendale furniture is easily identifiable by:

  • its cabriole legs,
  • ball and claw feet,
  • and highboys with broken pediment tops.

The use of exotic woods, intricate carvings on the legs and arms, and ornamental details available in brass hardware make this style instantly recognizable. Additionally, Chippendale furniture should also have dovetail joinery, a technique used to secure two pieces of wood together in a way that increases durability and provides a stable structure. This type of joinery is an indication of the high-quality craftsmanship used in these pieces.

What does Chippendale furniture look like?

Chippendale furniture is typically more rectangular and heavier than Queen Anne pieces. The most iconic features of this style of furniture are the cabriole legs, which have an outward curve from the knee to the ankle and end in an ornamental foot such as a ball and claw or pad foot. Additionally, highboys with broken pediment tops, intricate carvings, and brass hardware are also synonymous with the Chippendale style. All of these features give this furniture its distinctive look and make it effortlessly recognizable.

What era is Chippendale furniture?

The Chippendale style is a type of furniture that originated in the Baroque period of the 1700s. This style was popular among wealthy British families who wanted to add a touch of luxury to their homes. The style has remained popular over time and is still sought after by interior designers today.

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